Unhexing spell

Although it is relatively rare that someone is truly hexed, it does happen. Also, it is important to note that the mind has a very powerful effect on the body, so if you believe yourself to be hexed, in effect, you are.

This spell will remove any hexed or jinxed condition, whether real or imagined.


Fashion a poppet out of white felt or other white material. Stuff the poppet with vetivert herb, and place on your altar. Inscribe your name on a purple candle and anoint the candle with an appropriate oil I use patchouli, but there are other formulations on the market, such as uncrossing oil, or go away oil which will work just fine. Visualize as strongly as possible the hex upon you Put as much feeling and emotion into this process as possible, now relax, allow the candle to burn down completely.

It is a common misconception that MAGIK is a complex and intricate business and that spells need special equipment to be sucsessful, nothing could be further from the truth, although many spells do need to be complex by their very nature, simple can often be best.

With this in mind here is a simple Un-Hexing spell that I myself have used many time with great success.

unhexing spell

This spell needs to be performed when the moon is full, or on the first Tuesday after full moon. Sprinkle 5 pinches of salt into the glass of milk, then with the forefinger of your right hand stir the milk whilst chanting the following incantation. Take the onion and cut it into quarters do not peel it!

Now place the saucers in each corner of the room in your home that you feel most under attack. After 5 days the Hex will be removed and you may throw out the onions. If you happen to know the name of the person who has placed the Hex you should carve their name into the Parsnip, place it into a separate bowl, each evening pour the old milk from the onions on to the parsnip, at the end of 5 Days bury the parsnip in the Earth and pour any milk that is left on to it.

By the lore of nature cosmic law call it what you will this action will cause the Curse to rebound and bind them so that any further Hexs they cast on you will fail.Return to Sender: Basic Candle Spell and Correspondences This spell is for anyone who thinks they are deliberately being targeted by someone who is sending out negative energy, intentions, harmful wishes, and such. Use these correspondences to create your own candle spell that is unique to your situation, using personal effects or objects that are related somehow to your experience.

Cast a circle, call your quarters, ground yourself, clearing your mind in order to be able to work the magic. Focus on the energy that you are sending away, and note that you may physically experience a weight being lifted from your body as this negative energy races outward.

This is the type of magic you have to be strong enough to work so as not to be swallowed alive by its energy. You cannot change your mind afterwards and then go whining to the universe because you regret what you did…it will be too late. Read thoroughly through these words so you fully understand the consequences and what your life will become, should you decide to use this spell.

Items needed: 1. A black silk bag 2. A black ribbon, approx. An image of your target and any personal effects from this person that you can get your hands on— the more, the better. Morning glory vines— highly recommended 6. Cobwebs 7. The carcass of a dead spider— it would be even better if you had three. I hex you, I hex you, I hex you, Through the dark powers that be; That your soul shall never be free Of this terrible curse.

I hex you, I hex you, I hex you; So mote it be; That you will know sadness and sorrow And continuous misery. Cast your circle widdershins and call up the Watchtowers to guard your sacred space, perhaps even leaving a special token at each of the four quarters relating to that element. Add this to the black silk bag. You will take the morning glory vine and bind the image of your target, all the while chanting this portion of the spell:.

Then burn this spell paper in the flames of the black candle. Seal this bag by tying it up with black ribbon, tying three knots in the ribbon.

You will hang this token in a dark and dingy location, where it shall stay in secret, gathering dust and power and strength. It shall develop a life and intelligence of its own. Three ribbons each three feet long; two of these ribbons will be black, the third will be a color that corresponds with your target, perhaps the color of their birth stone 2. Your black candle, dressed and ready to burn 3.

Your incense. When the time is right and the magical stage has been set, seat yourself comfortably within your sacred space, ground and center.

Holding these ribbons together, as if they were a single ribbon, you are going to tie six knots— the first beginning the binding, and the last sealing it.Username or email.

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Many people looking for hair change spells usually have inspiration from reading Harry Potter stories.This cleanse and protect spell uses several levels of magic for hex or curse removal followed up by immediate protection. This is the same procedure I direct clients to perform at home with our Herbal Bath No13 which is used to spiritual cleanse the body and baptize the jinxed person as new, with protection work right behind it.

With this method I perform the cleansing remotely, here in our little cottage church. The white figural candle in the center represents the person being effected in the same way voodoo dolls were originally used — for the purpose of healing. The way I perform spell work and candle services is changing as I will no longer be sending reports when the spell finishes. I will, however, send you a picture of your work when I start it.

Crafting magic is about energy manipulation. Performing divination is something totally different and not really an element in spell work. So, you place your order with your petition, I perform the work and send you a picture. Water is placed in the silver bowl around the candle along with our No13 blend of herbs, chosen and mixed specifically for unhexing and negativity removal. Eight of the ten candles are lit around the silver bowl, leaving the front open.

★Powerful Evil Eye Protector: Blocker: Removal Compound!★ (Binaural Beats Healing Frequency Music)

The silver bowl is protected by four, large High John the Conqueror roots. I then proceed to dip my fingers into the herbal water and cleanse the figural candle, giving it a remote spiritual bath — a baptism. The two remaining candle out of the ten are lit and placed in the front of the circle, locking in the protective energy. The working is allowed to finish burning until the figural is eventually extinguished by the herbal water, completing the process.

A statue of the Archangel Michael stands behind the work to look over it and protect the figural as the unwanted energy is released and the protection work is locked into place. Your petition is placed under the bowl, aligned with where the figural candle stands. Search for:. Cleanse and Protect Unhexing Spell quantity. Category: Candle Spells - Rootwork. Description Description This cleanse and protect spell uses several levels of magic for hex or curse removal followed up by immediate protection.Your spell is done, your candle burned.

You can sit back, secure in the knowledge that you have done your best work, and your desires are on their way to you. There is only one thing left -- what do you do with the remains? Herbs, parchment papers, and even crystals are all easy to dispose of, but candles can be a bit trickier. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get rid of burned candles without jeopardizing the results of your work.

Burying a candle is the simplest way to dispose of it. Depending on what your spell was supposed to achieve, you can either bury it on your property, or far away.

If you want to attract something new to your life, like a job or a lover, bury the candle stub near your front door to help it find its way to you. If you want to keep something in your life, bury it in your back yard.

unhexing spell

If you want to get rid of something, bury it as far from your home as possible. If your spell is intended to affect someone else, bury it in their yard instead -- if you can do it without trespassing. If the candle is in a glass container and you cannot remove it, no problem. Glass is mostly silica, just like sand. It is safe to bury, as long as you are careful about any breaks or sharp pieces. Fire is what makes candle magic work, and it can also help you dispose of the remains.

Melting a candle down in an open fire will make it disappear completely, so it is good for those times when you do not want the spell's energy to linger around you -- like when sending a hex or jinx, for example, or working to release yourself from a negative situation.

To do this, just place the candle remains in a fire and allow them to melt away to nothing. Wax of any type is fuel for flames, so practice good fire safety. Do not use this method for candles in glass jars. Glass can shatter when it gets hot. If you want to burn your candle stubs, remove them from the glass first and find another way to dispose of the container.

Leaving spell remains somewhere can be strongly symbolic. This can only really be done with very small or easily-hidden items -- it probably is not a good idea to try leaving the rest of a full-sized botanica candle on your enemy's front porch, unless you want them to know what you were up to! Leave candle remains near a busy street or railway not on the tracks that passes near a person's house in order to direct a spell toward that person.

Leave them somewhere far from you, or near an abandoned area, to send something away from you. If you have a candle in a glass container, you may need to remove it and throw the glass away separately.Like the rest of the Lucky Mojo line, these products contain genuine herbs and herbal essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. Lucky Mojo labels are adapted from vintage packaging and in many cases the images are as traditional as the ingredients themselves. Not everyone who believes him or herself to be jinxed really suffers from that condition.

Sometimes people believe that they have been crossed or cursed, but they have not been. They may be depressed, mentally ill, or physically ill and have wrongly decided that an enemy is the cause of their suffering. However, magical curses do exist, and their effects on their victims can be devastating. One way to diagnose your condition is to get a reading from a reputable psychic or spiritual worker.

How to Properly Dispose of a Spell Candle

Another way is to diagnose yourself through some means of divination, such as card reading or the use of a pendulum. If you have an enemy who practices hoodoo rootwork, you can be pretty sure that something is being worked against you, of course, but if you have been having bad luck for a long time or are suffering from an unnatural illness and you have no known enemy and no one has ever openly declared themselves against you, you may have been crossed or jinxedor someone may have put roots on you.

You may not know who did it One common way to cross someone is to sprinkle Crossing PowderHot Foot Powderor Goofer Dust across their trackway or doorstep, or dress their socks or shoes.

I have even heard of women who will dress their own privates so that a man will drag himself in it and lose his nature or jinx up his love life. Another way to lay a trick or fix a person is to get something personal of theirs and stop it up in a bottle with roots and nails, pins, or needles.

Your hair may have been gotten this way, or a piece of your clothing, or your personal concerns. This trick may have been done to you by an enemy to control you, dominate you, or get revenge on you by destroying your happiness in love and money matters. If you want to undo this sort of work, it helps to know who put the jinx on you so you can call their name back at them, but even if you don't know who did it or how it was done, there are things you can do to take off the jinx.

If a jinx has actually been placed, it may take the form of a buried or hidden object such as a bottle spell, mojo bag, or powders that have been sprinkled. Check around your home and see if you can find something that anyone could have secretly put down to jinx you, like burying something in your front yard.

This object must be removed and destroyed. Spiritual workers may call a spirit to help them and gifted readers will just "see" where the buried object can be found. If you find something, like a bottle with personal effects, roots, or hairs in it, dig it up and burn it or throw it away in running water.

Even if you can't find such a thing, you may have been fixed with some mess sprinkled on your food or on your shoes. If the trick cannot be found for instance, if the perpetrator keeps a bottle spell hidden in his or her home and periodically shakes it up to cause troublethen an uncrossing spell e.

The client is also given a protection spell, often a mojo bag, after the final cleansing or jinx-breaking has been worked. To perform this work, you will need a spiritual bath preparation made with purifying herbs or an Uncrossing type bath preparation. The hyssop and rue herb baths are things you can make up yourself from hyssop or rue leaves or you can buy ready-made Uncrossing Bath Crystals with hyssop and rueor -- for a really strong job -- you can use the 13 Herb Spiritual Bath, which contains hyssop, rueand 11 other Uncrossing herbs.

Many folks use 13 packets of 13 Herb Spiritual Bath and take a bath every morning for a total of 13 days to clear away a really bad jinx. You also need 2 white offertory candles and some Uncrossing Oil to dress them. Burning a packet of Uncrossing Incense while you work is said to increase the efficacy of the job as well. If you believe that enemies have crossed, jinxed, or hexed you, look up the 37th Psalm. This is the one that begins "Fret not thyself with evil-doers If you are not a Christian or a Jew, you can still use these herbs; they are traditional for jinx-breaking, Uncrossing and the removal of sin in any case, and instead of a Psalm, just write down your request in your own words that the jinx be lifted and the one who put it on you be struck down.

To prepare the spiritual bathyou arise before dawn, and either brew up the herbs into a tea and strain the liquid or dissolve the Uncrossing mineral crystals in warm water. If you wish to perform a spiritual house cleansing after your bath, save some of the Uncrossing bath salts back, for use in your house-scrub water, as described below.

Recite the 37th Psalm for jinx-breaking or the 51st Psalm for purification or any Uncrossing spell of your choice as you pour the bath water over your head.Clients generally seek out hoodoo rootworkers to cast spells for uncrossing, jinx-breaking, and curse removal because they feel -- or know -- that they have been under spiritual attackand are unable to get clear of the condition by themselves. Their enemy may be known or unknown; they may have attempted spells for blessingscleansing, and tranquility with little or no success; or they might have done so successfully, only to see crossed conditions, blocked roads, and negative situations recur again in their lives.

Most ethical conjure doctors who cast spells of uncrossing, jinx-breaking, block-busting, curse reversal, and road opening for their clients only undertake such a job when they have determined through a prior reading or divination that the work is actually necessary -- that is, that a simple spiritual cleansing or blessing spell will not fully solve the client's problem because there is a past history of jinxes, curses, crossed conditions, or blocked roads.

Because uncrossing and road-opening are more complex hoodoo spells than blessing and spiritual cleansingand because additional magical spell work to reverse curses and bind or destroy the client's enemy may be required, it is important for any client who seeks complete and thorough jinx-breaking assistance from a professional root doctor to select a spiritual practitioner who understands the totality of the client's history and who is willing to take the case in stages, following it through from beginning to end, and not abandoning the client mid-way through the process.

Jinx breaking, uncrossing, road opening, curse removal, and curse reversing are commonly asked for kinds of hoodoo spell work.

unhexing spell

Well-trained professional root doctors and conjure practitioners should know many techniques for spells of this type, although not every practitioner will perform them for every client. Uncrossing, jinx breaking, curse removal, curse reversal, block-busting, and road opening spells of all types may be performed at an altar with the use of candles, roots and herbs, oils, powders, and other curios that are traditionally thought to be effective in blasting away impediments to success, rebuking evil spirits that may have attached themselves to a client, removing the spiritual "dirt" that obscures a client's clear vision of the road forward, bringing in good luck where bad luck once reigned, and smashing the chains of past conditions and situations that have impeded a client's progress toward his or her desired goals in life.

Some of the curios used in uncrossing, jinxing killing, jinx reversing, curse removal, block-busting, and road opening work include doll babies or poppets, ginger, saltpeter, baths made with hyssop herb; and plain, double-action, or figural candles which can be dressed with uncrossing, jinx-killing, reversing, or road opening roots, herbs, oils, and sachet powders and used in curse removal workings. Among the specific kind of spells we find for jinx-breaking, removal of crossed conditions, reversing, and block-busting, there are spells to cause the client to cast off limitations caused by previous enemy actions; spells to break or undo the effects of a sour jar, lemon spell, or vinegar jar that was cast upon a person; spells to put an end to a run of missed opportunities; spells made with mirrors to reverse curses back onto the one who sent them; spells to open the road to new possibilities; spells to bring good luck where the luck was previously bad; spells to remove the effects of conjure messes that had been stepped in or thrown for the client; and spells to bring an end to unnatural illness or spiritual sickness.

When a person is suffering through a run of bad luck, unnatural illness, or a string of unexplained accidents, it is often said that they have come under crossed conditions or that the jinx is on them.

unhexing spell

Knowing how to uncross a client or take off a jinx is one of the most basic, and most often requested, job that a conjure doctor can perform on behalf of clients. This type of spell work, sometimes called block-buster or jinx breaking, is very important when dealing with clients for whom an ordinary cleansing and blessing has failed to produce relief from negative situations. Like other conjure spell casting, Uncrossing work can take several forms, depending on the nature of the case and the inclination of the rootworker.

In-person bathing and foot washing, especially in so-called "blue baths," is a traditional form of Uncrossing, but the same sort of work can be performed by bathing at a distance, with vigil lights, and through prayer. Clients should expect that any spiritual hoodoo worker who does uncrossing and block-buster spell work will perform a reading for them before taking the case.

This may take the form of card reading, psychic reading, pendulum divination, or scrying. Whatever technique is used for the reading, the root doctor must determine whether the case can be easily resolved with a healing, cleaning, or blessing spell or if a full uncrossing and jinx-breaking is required; if it will be necessary to perform additional work to bind, hot foot, or reverse the spell back to an enemy of the client's; and, finally if he or she should take on the case for the client.

Reversing work is undertaken by a root doctor to return to the originator whatever was sent to harm the client.

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Although it is a common practice to reverse back the sending of the evil eyewhich is a form of subconscious curse through jealousy, by far the most common rootwork of reversal is done to return malicious spellcraft which was deliberately laid or thrown in order to harm the recipient. Reversing work is not to be confused with cursing or crossingbecause it reflects back, rather than originates, harmful spells. Reversing is quite selective, too, in that it only reflects back the wicked or harmful spells which may have been be cast against a client and leaves all blessings and good luck intact.

Reversing work is often compared to using a mirror, and the analogy is so strong that a number of well-known and powerful spells for reversal work employ literal mirrors in the crafting of the spell. Another form of reversal work begins with the removal of curses and jinxes by spiritual bathing and cleansing and is followed by the binding of the enemy's spell work into an image of the enemy, so it cannot be sent again.

Reversing may also be undertaken through candle spells and setting lights. This form of reversing is especially useful if the client wants to monitor the progress of the work being done, because each successive reversing candle can be used for divination by a psychic candle reader. Reversing candles are often dressed in two directions from the middle -- to turn evil back to the sender and at the same time to bring overlooked blessings to the client.

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